Import your Android images safely to OneDrive with Auto back feature

Nowadays, digital Camera or DSLR is rarely used as a medium to capture the happiest moments of your life. Taking pictures or images using a mobile phone or tablet is all abuzz these days. As simple and enthusiastic as this is, however, preserving and sharing your images and videos through a safe medium, especially from the prying eyes of hackers, is something of great concern for younger generations.

Although, I never gave much attention to latest cloud services and storage system as they are most likely prone to cyber attacks, and people are too conscious about the security of their digital privacy. OneDrive, as being one of the latest cloud storage technologies, assisted businesses to collaborate easily by allowing multiple users to store, share and access the same data without hassles.

The latest OneDrive client for IOS (iPhone/iPad), Android and Windows Phone, has proved to be an asset for home-based professionals, freelancers and employees working in a reputed organization. OneDrive ensures them a one-stop solution for storing online data under one roof including photos, documents, reports, under the password protection system accessible only to authorized users.

You can consolidate different types of data to a single place where they are:

  • Backed up
  • Stored in the same place
  • Easy to Share

Uploading photos and images on OneDrive automatically by using Android devices

Let’s begin with Android-powered devices. It’s quite a simple procedure yet requires a couple of things to be considered wisely while uploading images to OneDrive. Open your Android phone to download and install OneDrive apps. The moment you tap on “install” to set OneDrive on your device, you’ll be prompted to check if you want to backup full-resolution images and videos to OneDrive automatically.

Don’t get anxious, your device will not be hurt. Just turn it on as by default, data will only upload via Wi-Fi network, however, you can change the settings depending on your requirements.

One thing you should keep in mind while activating this setting on Android, the Google+ and Photos Apps could possibly back up photos to Google drive too.

We all know that photos and videos are not small nowadays. A single image can consume ten times more space than a compilation of most confidential documents in the world. So, you’re recommended to enable those photos only if you’ve an unlimited data plan. None of us would like to see data usage exceeds over the regular budget, especially when you are out of the station and uploading images while you’re data pack is on roaming.

To conclude my thoughts

One thing that most people would find adorable about OneDrive is that once uploaded, all the data are centralized and the images are easily accessible, viewable and shareable on the OneDrive Website. Microsoft is working in the right direction and doing a great thing updating their website on a regular basis so that users can easily navigate to their stored data, auto-tag photos and create albums without hassles.

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